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wet.jpg Wet cleaning is a professional garment cleaning technique that uses detergents and water.

Driven by concerns about the toxicity of dry cleaning solvents, recent advances in both wet cleaning technology and garment care have revived wet cleaning as a safe alternative to dry cleaning. Trained cleaners are now able to wet clean many garments that have typically been dry cleaned, such as silks, woolens, linens, suedes, and leathers.  Modern machine wet cleaning uses large, specialized machines to gently wash and dry clothes. These machines may be programmed for many variables, such as mechanical action, water and drying temperature, moisture levels in the dryer, and water and detergent volume. This flexible technology provides cleaners with the controls to administer a customized wet wash suited to a fabric’s specific needs.

Trained wet cleaners also use other tools to ensure that garments are safely cleaned. For clothes that bleed, cleaners can apply an agent that prevents dye from washing out of garments. New, mild bleaching detergents can be used to remove tough stains without diminishing color. Fabric softeners and finishes can be added during the wet cleaning cycle to restore fabric softness, body, and crispness to garments once they are dried.

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